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Audio-Visual Demonstrations


To help your Chamber promote the eCertify service and encourage increased adoption and usage, we have created a Help and Learning Center that exporters and freight forwarders can use to source comprehensive answers to their questions, audio-visual demonstrations and tips on everything they need to know about using eCertify to process electronic Certificates of Origin.

Within the eCertify Help and Learning Center, exporters and freight forwarders will find the following audio-visual demonstrations:

Set-Up Demonstration

Webdocs Demonstration

Submit Demonstration

Furthermore, we have also created an audio-visual demonstration that guides an exporter or freight forwarder through the initial registration process.We encourage you to copy and save the following link to the demonstration to then provide exporters and freight forwaders access to the link prior to registration. You can do this be either sending them the link to the demonstration via email or making it available on your chamber's website.

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